Migrating from 1.2

Key information and things to consider when moving from Voxel Plugin 1.2 to Voxel Plugin 2.0.

Key Differences

There are several key differences to consider when migrating from 1.2 to 2.0:

  • Assets created in 1.2 will not be useable in 2.0 (such as graphs, materials, and foliage assets).

  • Voxel-specific functions called on the Voxel World in 1.2 do not exist in 2.0.

  • The cubic and MagicaVoxel workflows from 1.2 are currently unsupported in 2.0.

Voxel World save files from 1.2 cannot be migrated to 2.0!

Missing or Overhauled Features

(We will add to this list as we determine more features that underwent significant changes or that exist in 1.2 but not 2.0)

  • The graph system in 2.0 has been entirely re-written; 1.2 graphs cannot be migrated to 2.0.

  • Voxel Spawner Actor / Voxel Foliage Actor have been replaced by the point-based foliage nodes for Voxel Graphs.

  • Materials have been overhauled; the plugin no longer uses Single Index or Multi Index materials. 1.2 materials must be updated to work with 2.0.

  • Cubic rendering is not yet supported in 2.0.

  • Data Items and Data Assets have been removed and replaced by Voxel Brushes.

  • Landscape importer (and most other importers) do not currently exist in 2.0.

  • Editor tools (for sculpting and painting voxel actors) are not yet available.

  • Voxel Physics do not currently exist or have a replacement in 2.0.

Removed Classes

There are some important core classes that have been changed or removed in 2.0.

Any actors that are sub-classes of these classes will need to be removed before upgrading your project from 1.2:

  • Voxel Spawner Actor & Voxel Foliage Actor (and their spawner configs) should be removed from the project before migrating.

These classes should be updated after upgrading your project to 2.0:

  • Voxel World has been removed. Any blueprint casts to Voxel World can safely be replaced with casts to Voxel Actor.

  • Voxel Procedural Mesh Component has been removed. Access to a Voxel Actor's collision will be replaced.

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