Installing Voxel Plugin

Going through the process of how to install Voxel Plugin to an existing project.

This release is targeted at Unreal Engine 5.2 and 5.3.

In order to install the 2.0 preview, ownership of Voxel Plugin Pro Legacy is required.

1. Downloading Plugin Downloader from the Unreal Engine Marketplace

To start off, open the Epic Games Launcher. In the Unreal Engine section, navigate to the Marketplace and use the search-bar in the top-right to search for “Plugin Downloader”. Find the “Plugin Downloader” result, with “Voxel Plugin” as creator, and click it.

  • With the store page open, click the “Free” button to get access to the plugin

  • You will be prompted to log in if you aren’t already, and then to accept the Epic Content License Agreement

  • After doing this, the "Free" button will have changed to an "Install to Engine" button

  • Press that, select the engine version you are working in the slot dropdown and press "Install"

  • The plugin will now download and install.

2. Setting up Plugin Downloader

Once this has finished, start the project you want to use Voxel Plugin in. In this project, go to "Edit -> Plugins" to open the Plugin browser.

3. Installing Voxel Plugin

With the plugin window open, use the search bar to look for "Plugin Downloader". If it does not appear, try restarting the engine and looking again.

Tick the checkbox to the left of the Plugin Downloader icon, and press the "Restart Now" button in the bottom right.

After restarting, a Voxel Plugin icon will have appeared on the right-hand side of your editor's toolbar, next to the "Settings" dropdown.

Click the Voxel Plugin icon and a dropdown menu will appear. In this menu, click the "Login" button. This will open a login page for your Epic account in your browser. Log into your Epic account, and click "Allow" when asked to let Voxel Plugin use your Epic Games account.

Once this is done, click the Voxel Plugin icon again. Having registered Voxel Plugin to your Epic account, you will now find verification options within the dropdown.

If you originally purchased the plugin on Gumroad, and do not have a Marketplace license, enter your Gumroad license key and click the adjacent verify button.

If you own Voxel Plugin on the Marketplace, post a question on Voxel Plugin's Marketplace page ( The question's contents do not matter, the question is only used to check the poster's Epic ID against the Epic ID you have logged into earlier in this guide.

After posting a question at the above link using your Epic account, open the Voxel Plugin dropdown once more and click the "Verify" button at the bottom. If you posted a question correctly, the menu will update to show branch and version information, as well as a "Download" button.

Press the "Download" button to install the latest Voxel Plugin release. A progress counter will appear in the bottom-right of your editor window. Once this finishes, you will be prompted to restart the editor. Press "Yes" to do so, and once the editor starts, the Voxel dropdown will show your current installed version information.

And with that, you are finished - time to start creating!

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