2.0p-320 Release Notes


https://github.com/VoxelPlugin/VoxelPlugin/tree/2.0p-320.2 - Released June 9 2023

New features:

  • Foliage Settings can now be set on the Spawn Foliage node

    • This can be used to set AffectDistanceField, which is false by default

  • Foliage Collision is in & can be configured on the Spawn Foliage node

Migration notes:

  • Foliage collision is now enabled by default. Pass a body instance with collision disabled to Spawn Foliage to disable it

Bug fixes:

  • Fix VOXEL_DEBUG=1 on clang

  • Fix stack overflow when too many brushes are overlapping

  • Fix dedicated server crash (FSlateApplication::Get)

  • Fix crash when making a level instance with a voxel actor in it

  • Fix bug with bool when using clang

    • When optimizations are enabled, clang expects a bool to be 0 or 1

    • ISPC doesn't follow such rules, and thus invalid code gen was occurring

  • Add -voxelCheckNaNs and voxel.CheckNaNs 1 to check for NaNs


https://github.com/VoxelPlugin/VoxelPlugin/tree/2.0p-320.1 - Released May 22 2023

Release notes:

  • Add a Migrate to Voxel Scene context menu option to Voxel Meta Graphs

  • Fix setting object parameters in C++

  • Add back macro graphs


https://github.com/VoxelPlugin/VoxelPlugin/tree/2.0p-320.0 - Released May 18 2023

Migration notes:

  • VoxelMetaGraphs are gone. You will have to make a new VoxelScene and copy the graphs over

  • Foliage & Brush Instances are their own asset types now. Existing instances will have their parameter reset - you will need to make new assets

  • C++: buffers are now using FVoxelBufferStorage instead of array. To make a float buffer, use FVoxelFloatBufferStorage instead of TVoxelArray<float>

  • C++: AVoxelMetaActor is renamed to AVoxelSceneActor

Release notes:

  • Add GetDistanceToCubemapPlanet: checkout the new Mars example!

  • Split buffer storage in chunks & add custom allocator

    • Much better performance when using BinnedMalloc2 (ie, packaged dev or shipping)

    • Packaged games should generate 2x as fast

  • Disable foliage distance fields

    • This causes huge hitches when generating foliage

    • Foliage should be a lot faster now

    • Will be exposed as a setting in a future release

  • Switch pin values to store object as hard references instead of soft references

    • This should fix loading & GC issues we've been seeing

  • Add IsGameWorld/IsEditorWorld nodes

  • Fix standalone

  • Fix VR shaders

  • Add CreatePreviewInGame to brush actors, letting you use their preview meshes in game

  • Fix node interaction after placing a comment

  • Add custom blueprint node QueryVoxelChannel to query any value type

  • Add MaxLOD to screen size chunk spawner

  • Fix GetGradient costing too much

  • Meta Graphs are renamed to Voxel Scenes, you'll have to manually copy them over

  • AVoxelMetaActor is renamed to AVoxelSceneActor

  • VoxelFoliage is renamed to VoxelSpawner

  • Existing brush & foliage instance parameters (ie, assets with a Parent being set) will be invalidated

  • Enable Distance Checks is gone: increase the Distance Checks tolerance to achieve the same effect

  • Update includes to follow the new 5.2 includes: this significantly improves build times & should speed up any file including a voxel file

  • Add Perfect Transitions option to marching cube node: this will query each LOD separately, which can help reduce holes if the distance is different for 2 LODs

  • Add blueprint-like advanced display to voxel nodes

  • Default to screen size chunk spawner when no chunk spawner is plugged

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