Voxel Graph General Concepts

A voxel graph is similar to a blueprint graph: it has execution flows and data flows.

The execution flow starts on the Start node:

The graph is called for every voxel. To get the current voxel position, you can use the X, Y and Z nodes.

During the execution flow, you need to set two outputs:

  • Value Output: this is the density of the current voxel. Clamped between -1 and 1

  • Material Output: this is the material of the current voxel

To do so, you have access to the following nodes:

  • Set Value for the density

  • Set Color/Set Index/Set Double Index for your material depending on your voxel world material config

These are the basic outputs. Voxel graphs can also output custom values, as it will be detailed in the following sections.

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