UE5.1 - Material Crash


Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0xffffffffffffffff

UnrealEditor_Voxel!<lambda_3c46313d3ddd529728500977f568835c>::operator()() [D:\build\U5M-Marketplace\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\VoxelPro\Source\Voxel\Private\VoxelRender\MaterialCollections\VoxelInstancedMaterialCollection.cpp:238]
UnrealEditor_Voxel!UVoxelInstancedMaterialCollection::GetVoxelMaterial_NotCached() [D:\build\U5M-Marketplace\Sync\LocalBuilds\PluginTemp\HostProject\Plugins\VoxelPro\Source\Voxel\Private\VoxelRender\MaterialCollections\VoxelInstancedMaterialCollection.cpp:301]


Root cause

In 5.1.1, Epic made header changes. This made 5.1.0 binary incompatible with 5.1.1. You can find more details here: https://twitter.com/phyronnaz/status/1635303337229971460?s=20

What this means

The marketplace builds plugins against 5.1.0. If you use such a build against 5.1.1, you will get crashes.

In other words: if you use Voxel Plugin from the marketplace in 5.1.1, you will get crashes.

Can you fix it

We can't do anything on our end. We've reached out to the marketplace and they're looking into potential fixes.

Any workarounds

Only workarounds right now are:

  • Stay on 5.1.0

  • Build the plugin from source (eg by copying the plugin source to YourProject/Plugins)

If you have more question make sure to join our discord: https://discord.voxelplugin.com

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