2.0p-317 Release Notes


https://github.com/VoxelPlugin/VoxelPlugin/tree/2.0p-317.1 - Released May 2 2023

  • Add Sample Heightmap node

  • C++: you can now do VoxelMetaActor->ParameterCollection.Set("ParameterName", ParameterValue);


https://github.com/VoxelPlugin/VoxelPlugin/tree/2.0p-317 - Released April 26 2023

  • Add 5.2 compatibility

  • Remove 5.0 compatibility

  • Add downloadable example content

    • You can right click the content browser -> Add voxel content

  • Add brush/channel system

  • Add back voxel invokers

  • Add graph-based foliage

    • Existing foliage clusters & instance assets will be invalidated

    • Foliage collision is not yet supported

  • Add graph search

    • You can right click any parameter or any node to see where it's used

    • You can also search through all assets by clicking the global search button top right of the search tab

  • Add back density canvases

  • Add blueprint getter/setters for graph parameters

  • Allow querying Voxel Graphs from blueprints

  • Remove exec flow from graph

  • Remove GPU compute from graphs

    • The current approach was too messy & unusable

    • C++: this removes all buffer views, you can use buffers directly now

  • Add smart graph diffing: only values affected by the graph changes are updated

  • Add inline macros to graphs

    • You can create graph macros using the graph left panel

  • Remove custom content mapping

    • /VoxelPlugin is now /Voxel, existing content references will be broken

  • Start adding new material layer pipeline

    • This is not ready yet, assets will be broken by the next release

  • Fix transition meshes

  • Remove render thread throttle. All updates should feel snappier now, but you might see some frame dips. You can add the throttle back using voxel.threading.MaxConcurrentRenderTasks 4

  • Voxel Meta Actors cannot be moved anymore

    • This means setups such as rotating planets are currently not possible

    • This will be fixed in a later release with the introduction of Voxel Domains

    • If your voxel actor was not at origin, your entire world will be shifted with this update!

  • Mac is fully supported (tested on an M1 Mac Mini)

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